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Warm Greetings to
our valued Readers & Clients!

We are NAVIGATOR - professional yachting & lifestyle magazine, officially launching in 2020!


NAVIGATOR is an ambition of the group from luxury media editors, expert columnists, luxury business investors, and especially - a group of yachting experts in Vietnam & Asia.

With the publication of every 2 months together with a strong digital platform and social media such as Facebook, Instagram & Youtube…, NAVIGATOR offers unique yachting knowledge & news specializing custom-made for Vietnamese readers. We ensure your best updating news & interesting stories about yachting in Vietnam particularly and all over the globe in general. 

Vietnam is now the new best market for yachting in Asia, we’ve observed the rapidly development of yachting companies and brands since 2017. A yachting market requires a true media channel to support and provides the up-to-date news, reviews, market intelligence as well as social platform for yacht lovers.  And NAVIGATOR was established to fulfil that mission. 

Besides yacht contents, NAVIGATOR aims to communicate a different voice of lifestyle contents. It will be the voices of those who are expert in cars, watches, leisure, style, decoration & art... We provide a brand new look & new way about luxury lifestyle, an inside - out look from the experts. 

Our editors & contributors’ profiles will ensure the interesting contents when you start to read a story. We do not look for normal and safe contents, we do look for something new, fresh, humorous, broad-minded & free, something surely valued for you. 


Welcome to Yacht life!

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